Friday, 14 February 2014

FALL in LOVE with YOU!

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely compelled to write a blog post for many reasons, not least the fact that it has been far too long since the last entry. Anyone remotely dependant on people for their business will know that our blog posts and ‘keywords’ are imperative for social awareness, search engine optimisation and business.

However, I also wanted to write because, there just seems like so much to say, and that now is a good time to say it. As I start to tap the keyboard, I wonder two things; how do I order the ramblings in my head into something readable and interesting and how do I connect its relevance to the Health and Wellness Industry in which I operate and Love. So, in that moment I have the beginnings of the blog post - LOVE!
It seems pretty apt that I should write about Love on Valentine’s Day!  How does this relate to wishing to help people take control of their Fitness and Health and how does it relate to wishing to push out the best possible trainers and coaches into the industry so that they can motivate, empower and inspire people?  Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that none of it would happen or work without Love!  Maybe Love really is all there is!   When I connect with people with a genuine Love of helping them towards their goals and to get out of their own way, they suddenly want to do it! They start to move forward.  When we ‘show up’ and stay mindful, only for the person in front of us, meeting them wherever they are, I find that they perform a lot better, they realise that they want to do it, and that they are worth enough ‘Love’ to make it important to themselves to look after and take responsibility for their own health and fitness! Even ‘showing up’ and immersing myself fully in massage and therapy clients has helped heal their injuries and release tension much quicker!

Maybe if we loved the people around us a bit more, everyone would feel a little more human connection, and be less likely to reach for junk food or whatever else fills the Love void.  Maybe if we loved a little more, we would be less likely to want to hide behind being overweight or underweight or ill health or the ‘I can’t change because’ reasoning that we all carry over something. Maybe if people felt a little more loved and connected they’d want to stay well and fit and healthy so that they can be around for the people who they care about. Maybe if people learned to love themselves a little more, they’d show that love through a healthy mind and body! 

All of the above was brought home to me with a big bump this week!  I have been so inward lately, that perhaps it is my own need for connection that landed me at the doctors and subsequently A & E with a very very sore head!  I’d ‘soldiered on’ with a severe headache for so long that the obvious simple questions asked by the doctor about my job, date of birth and even my name (I do have 4 names to remember!) were way beyond me, and that coupled with very high blood pressure entitled me to every test under the sun at the local hospital with the fortunate discovery in the end that I had little more than an extremely sore head.  I am it seems very well, and very healthy.  My first conclusion – One really must stop thinking quite so much, (my head is just too small for all the thinking my brain tries to do!) and that we must look after our heart as well as our mind and our body!  My second conclusion – Next time, I won’t go through a situation such as that on my own.

Reflecting again on the last six months, I think I have been on a huge personal journey – to stay present with what and who really makes my heart sing and to try to let go of the things and people who don’t.  To care about myself firstly and to realise that some people just don’t care as much or don’t have as much love to give us as we would like. I have read, meditated, eaten too much, eaten too little, holidayed in silence, walked, journelled, cycled, yogi’d, pilated, paddle boarded, travelled, worked, avoided work, spent a lot of time alone and everything in between.  This has meant that I’ve spent a little less time on my physical fitness and a little more on my spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Things happen in life and our bodies and hearts respond to them in ways which sometimes force us inward,  difficult and frightening as this can be, I have also found it to be a great teacher for me.  I have let go of and been forced to let go of some friends and people and found depth and strength of character in myself and others that neither I nor they knew about.  I have learned that maybe it’s okay if I don’t feel compelled to run as fast and hard as I used to at the moment.   However, if I do again, I’ll just do it! I’ve learned that if I’m not best at everything that’s okay, and if I haven’t yet reached the pinnacle of where I want to be with the things I value in life, that I still will, and there is still time!  Maybe it’s okay if I don’t run at all for a while.  Maybe it’s okay if I’m not as CV or resistance fit as I used to be. I have learned that Pilates is extremely good for me! Which is possibly what makes me a good Pilates teacher.  I’ve learned that I like lie ins (sometimes).   

Having taken the time to do the mind work makes me a better coach and teacher and trainer.  My personal journey has slowed me down in many ways. I’ve been slow at my work, whilst I’ve been trying to think about making sure that I do the work that’s true to me.  I’ve been brought consciously by a feeling of lack to make sure that I earn what I’m worth, and don’t experience lack ever again.  My own fear, has made me one by one try to change every single criticism or perception of ‘lack’ that has been highlighted to me and sent me on a journey to investigate why it all matters so much to me or how another’s opinion has affected me so much and it has finally brought me to loving myself and putting an emphasis back on my own Health and Fitness.

I’d like to think that I’ve always been an authentic person and whilst that hasn’t won me many favours with the gamers, it’s been very good at bringing me closer and closer to what I want and to the connections I want.  It’s made me be as real as I can be for my clients and our learners and meant that I can help them overcome their thoughts of ‘I’m not good enough’ to enable them to reach their full potential.  It means they are being trained by a human, not a machine, and interestingly, in the last 6 months, their presence and their reliance on me has helped me just as much as I’ve helped them!

So, maybe you can start on Valentine’s Day what you mean to continue for the rest of the year.  Love yourself more by looking after your own Health, Fitness and Wellbeing.  Then you’ll be able to give more LOVE to all the people you want to LOVE, and you’ll be more effective and positive in business, LOVE and Life!

LOVE from us at AES J x

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