Thursday, 1 March 2012

BACK from my Holiblogs!

I’ve been on my holiblogs!  I’d like to be able to say that they are a bit like holidays, but unfortunately, the rest from the infamous blog has been less about holidays and more about the Urgent things taking over the Important things!

 On that note, I’ve been in work for 14 hours so far today – 3 of which were spent going pretty hard core on a Studio Cycling bike so at least I’ve had my exercise quota today. I’m now planning for the Urgent once again, and what my body is demanding above all else is sleep.  I’m going to ease myself back from my holiblogs gently tonight with short and sweet.

I like to always think that life is a series of only two things – Good times or Adventures!  Since I last checked in, I’ve been on a few adventures.  Luckily for you, this is a Runner’s blog, not my therapy!

Life, business and as yet a delayed ability to overcome the sleep demon have meant that my training as planned for has been very difficult and the ‘Urgent’ things at work and home have overcome the things which are vitally ‘Important’ to me – like Health and Fitness and Running.  I have found that when I have managed to squeeze it in, or wake up refreshed, it really is what keeps me sane, and it has been sorely missed.  However, all is by no means lost.  Residual fitness has been maintained with running at least 3 times a week – varied between 1 – 1 / 2 hours and up to 10 miles outside and some HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training on the Treadmill (seems to be the new buzz word, but who knew some of us have been doing it for years!)  Teaching or partaking in Studio cycling 1  - 2 times a week and some yoga to help tame the sleep demon have all helped to ensure that I can get back on track this weekend.

  Before beginning to write, I checked in with my programme which says I’m due for an 18 miler this weekend.  I have a deadline as I need to be home by 3pm on Saturday and am booked out all day Sunday.  So on Saturday morning, wake up, fuel – go.  I actually can’t wait!  I can’t wait to have that time on my own, no matter how tough it will inevitably be.  I can’t wait to get that 18 miles below my belt so that I can get as close to back on track as possible.  My times and endurance are never going to be what I’d hoped for, but having approached races in the past with obstacles just as great to overcome – like a twisted ankle,  (cue the reminder of the thoughts of pain pain pain whilst running over London Bridge!)  I know I can and will complete the 60 miles over two days.

 I wonder if you have been inspired at all by the mammoth task undertaken by Comedian John Bishop for Sport Relief?  He has so far this week cycled 185 miles from Paris to Calais, then rowed 26 miles across the channel to Dover.  He has completed 2 marathons, with one further marathon to go before an epic finish in Trafalagar Square tomorrow.  He was sick all night last night through the sheer torture of it all.   Can I complete 18 miles on Saturday despite February’s deviation from the plan – absolutely!

So, I’m looking forward to getting back on track and checking in more often.

  I found ‘The Runner’s High’ this week.   It does such a good job of describing what running means to people who have built it as a habit. (habits are usually formed by doing something 21 days / times in a row)

A final quote before I fall in to bed, an hour later than planned with two jobs outstanding.
 ( naturally!) – simples  ‘Tough times don’t last, tough people do!’

See you next week – 18 + miles further down the road!

H x X x